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Orange Wall Media

Orange Wall Media was started my me, Calum Green at the end of 2013 during my final year of my computing degree.

Since then we have developed a lot. We started out building purely websites for small and medium sized business at affordable rates, and while that is still at our core we have developed into covering every aspect of the digital footprint including SEO, social media management and more recently have been pushing the media part to the limits heavily investing time to learn the world of virtual reality and 360 to build websites and applications to best show off these new technologies.

Over the past few years I have moved Orange Wall with me from the UK to Whistler in Canada and back again all while maintaining strong relationships with clients in both countries through the use of Facebook, Skype and email showing the pure beauty of the internet allowing me to work anywhere in the world.

Orange wall is now currently based in Oxfordshire in the UK so if you are local or even if you are not and have a project you would like to discuss feel free to get in touch.

– Calum Green